IMPACT Recovery Houses – Operated by The IMPACT Society, Inc. (501c3).

Prevention and Intervention Educational Programs and Services. www.TheImpactSociety.org

IRH-living roomIMPACT Recovery Houses are much more than recovery houses.  They are home to the residents who live here. Like any home, we support each other and live the same as any other family.  Our homes are safe places filled with love, hope and promise; wonderful places where lives are transformed, new dreams realized, and freedom from addiction prevails.

We provide safe and supportive living environments where people in early recovery help themselves and each other recover from the disease of addiction.  We believe that any addict/alcoholic can get clean, stay clean, and learn a new way of life; free from the bondage of addiction.

IRH WomenOur philosophy stems from deeply seeded, core beliefs in the twelve step recovery process. We believe total abstinence from all mood/mind-altering drugs is the foundation and basis for long-term recovery. We follow a 12 -step model of living and all residents must attend 12-step meetings, and obtain a home group and sponsor.

We take pride in our homes, our neighborhood and our community. We trust and believe in the recovery process.  Together, we do things we could never do alone.  We Do Recover!


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